Israeli Special Forces Tactical and Self-Defense Training

Techniques Forged in Combat

Mako Defense teaches the Israeli Method of fighting exactly as it is taught to the Israeli Special Forces, not the modified version that some companies may offer in the United States. Mako Defense instructors have extensive experience as operators and instructors in the most elite Israeli Special Forces units, including:

• Yamam – or Special Police Unit is the elite police counter-terrorism unit in Israel. Yamam specializes in hostage-rescue operations and offensive take-over raids against targets in civilian areas. It also performs SWAT duties and undercover police work.
• Duvdevan – an elite unit of the Israeli Special Forces. Duvdevan is particularly noted for conducting undercover operations against militants in urban areas.
• Sayeret Mat’kal – a top Special Forces unit. Its main roles are counter-terrorism, and deep reconnaissance, obtaining strategic intelligence behind enemy lines. Sayeret Mat’kal is also in charge of hostage rescue missions outside Israeli borders, such as Operation Entebbe in 1976.
• Classified units of the Israeli Secret Service.
Mako Defense instructors teach and use these fighting techniques in Israel on a daily basis.

The Israeli Method

Far more than just the typical carbine and pistol shooting courses, the Israeli Method is a comprehensive system that prepares students to effectively defend against, and immediately neutralize, any violent threat. Students enrolled in Mako Defense courses quickly gain a high level of competence in all aspects of the use of their firearms, leaving the courses more highly trained than many firearm instructors. Students are also taught simple, effective Krav Maga techniques for unarmed defense against armed or physically superior attackers. Krav Maga, known for its extremely efficient and brutal counter-attacks, is taught to many elite special forces around the world.

The Israeli Method, forged in a society that is under the constant threat of violent terror attacks, is designed to be as practical for off-duty police or civilians shopping in a mall as it is for Special Forces soldiers operating behind enemy lines. It can be effectively used by an individual operating alone, a team of two, a SWAT team, or an infantry platoon. Because of this flexibility, the techniques taught in these courses are applicable to personal self-defense as well as to law enforcement work and military operations.

While Mako Defense courses are the ultimate in self-defense training, they are specifically designed to increase the proficiency of law enforcement, military, and security personnel.

As with any effective martial art, Mako Defense courses are designed so that those who complete a course have the opportunity to enroll in a more advanced course, progressing easily and quickly to the next level of proficiency.

Law Enforcement and Military Training Opportunities

In addition to public courses, Mako Defense offers instruction and lectures (limited to law enforcement, military, and security organizations) in advanced techniques including methods for active shooter and hostage situations; airport, bus, and public transport situations; EOD and bomb disposal; and transportation and port security.

Members of Alaska law enforcement agencies receive Alaska Police Standards Council (APSC) credit for Mako Defense courses.


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